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Transition to Permanent Board position

My client was the interim Director of Services for a large organisation and responsible for an operation of approximately 6,000 employees. She had worked in social care for around 25 years, and had been acting as the interim director for the last 6 months. The role was a full Board position and was to be advertised both internally and externally. A number of external candidates were identified and together with my client were to be interviewed by a panel made up of the CEO and a number of Non-Exec Directors. I worked with my client over a few months on how she could best evidence how she step up to a full Board position by increasing presence, impact ,envisaging how the permanent role would be different and what she needed to strengthen to be successful. My client was interviewed against strong competition and I am pleased to say was appointed permanently into the role of Director of Services.


“Kim brought a sense of calm to my coaching sessions which created the right environment for me, and balanced with her powerful ability to present challenging questions, resulted in me being clear about my goals and progressing to a number of robust solutions. I also appreciated her confidence with silence, which allowed me time to reflect and think without feeling pressured to respond. I found our sessions focussed and energised which was helped also by her natural ability to use humour where appropriate.”
Founder – Consultancy
“The coaching we have done has been extremely useful. It was a first for me, and I admit to having reservations beforehand! You established a confidential environment in which to question, explore and plan. A few well timed and well judged questions from you have helped me both tackle specific issues and more generally take stock and focus on what matters.”
Managing Director Divisional P&L